Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Murder of Tina Flood

Tina Flood, 23, and her friend, Justin Chapman, attended a birthday party at a bar in Seabrook, Texas.  The bar closed and the party ended around 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 29, 1998.

Jonathan David Drew, 25, had been at the bar and was introduced to Tina at the party.  He bought her drinks and several people stated they saw the two of them kissing.

Several people decided to go to a nearby Holiday Inn hotel and because Tina was too intoxicated to drive, she and Justin rode to the hotel with other people.  Her car was left in a parking lot next to the bar.

She and Justin realized when they attempted to check in to their room that Justin, who was a Holiday Inn employee, had left his employee discount card in Tina's car.  Jonathan David Drew was sitting in his pickup truck in the hotel's parking lot and offered to take them back to Tina's car.

Tina sat in the middle, between Drew and Justin.

Once they got back to Tina's car, Justin got out of the truck and held Tina's purse while she attempted to get out of the truck.  As Tina was scooting across the seat toward the passenger-side door of the truck, Drew drove away.  Justin tried in vain to hold onto the truck door, but quickly fell off.  Tina screamed for Drew to stop.  Justin immediately ran to the bar screaming for help.

At 2:52 AM, Seabrook Police Officer Marc Hatton was on patrol when he saw Justin beating on the bar's door.  Justin told the officer what had just happened.

Drew's truck was described as a maroon, full-sized, single-cab Chevrolet truck.  The description of the truck was broadcast to all other officers in the area.

At 3:49 AM, Harris County Deputy Constable Sean Kitchens spotted Drew's truck and stopped him for failure to maintain a single lane of traffic.  Drew was asked for his license and when he leaned over to get it, the deputy noticed a bloody foot lying on the seat.

Deputy Kitchens asked who it was and Drew replied, "That's my friend Tina.  She's knocked out over there."

Tina was lying in fetal position against the passenger door, naked except for her skirt, which was bunched around her waist.  She had abrasions on her leg, butt, and arm.  Deputy Kitchens called for backup.  When Drew was removed from the truck, officers noticed scratches on his arm, neck, and blood on the collar of his shirt.

Tina was taken to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center where a sexual assault exam was conducted.  Tina repeatedly told the nurse, "Please help me.  Don't hurt me."  She also said, "Please don't rape me."

A CAT scan showed a skull fracture, which had caused Tina's brain to swell and hemorrhage.  Doctors tried surgery to relieve the pressure, but she died a day and a half later.

According to the Medical Examiner's report, Tina sustained at last two distinct fractures to her skull.  This was the result of one or possibly two separate acts of blunt force trauma.  A considerable amount of force was required to cause these fractures.

There was an abrasion on the back of her head and a bruise on the back of her brain immediately below the point of impact.  On the opposite side of her head, there was a massive amount of bleeding, but no bruise on her skin.

Her ear was also swollen and there was a bruise behind her ear.  The Medical Examiner believed this injury to be caused by a separate impact than what caused her brain injury.

Regarding the abrasions and contusions on Tina's shoulder, shoulder blade, elbow, lower back, and buttocks, these injuries were consistent with being dragged on a rough surface, like concrete.

He also described a wrinkling or crumpling of the skin on Tina's back, which suggests that something scraped across her back or that she was stepped on.

There was bruising in the soft tissue of Tina's neck, consistent with what is seen in manual strangulation.

She also had bruising on her lower legs, ankles, and upper right arm consistent with finger impressions.  And there were abrasions on her knuckles and thumbs, suggesting defensive wounds.

In addition, the sexual assault exam showed that she had been raped vaginally and anally.

Jonathan David Drew was found guilty of felony murder and sentenced to life in prison on October 13, 1999. He is eligible for parole on November 29, 2028.

Searches of the home Drew shared with his parents turned up women's clothing, a souvenir baseball bat with an unknown stain, and a vial of human teeth.
The Drew home is located on Calder Rd. in League City.  This the same Calder Rd. that is home to the "Killing Fields" where four bodies of young women were found in the early 90s.  Drew is also linked to the disappearance of Jessica Lee Cain in August 1997.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I'm doing this...

Along the I-45 corridor in Texas, there are literally hundreds of murdered and missing girls and women.  These abductions span over four decades, with few solved cases, and even fewer arrests.

The victims come from a variety of backgrounds.  They are from different age groups.  They are different races.  But, they all share one common theme:  They disappeared or were murdered close to I-45 (many in the Houston area).  Many were dumped in or near water.

I have dedicated the past five years to researching and learning as much about these cases as possible.  I cannot tell you for sure who has committed each crime.  But, I can say that their families deserve answers.  Their families deserve to have their stories told.

This blog will profile some of the many cases occurring along this highway of horror and some of the many killers who have hunted there.