Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I'm doing this...

Along the I-45 corridor in Texas, there are literally hundreds of murdered and missing girls and women.  These abductions span over four decades, with few solved cases, and even fewer arrests.

The victims come from a variety of backgrounds.  They are from different age groups.  They are different races.  But, they all share one common theme:  They disappeared or were murdered close to I-45 (many in the Houston area).  Many were dumped in or near water.

I have dedicated the past five years to researching and learning as much about these cases as possible.  I cannot tell you for sure who has committed each crime.  But, I can say that their families deserve answers.  Their families deserve to have their stories told.

This blog will profile some of the many cases occurring along this highway of horror and some of the many killers who have hunted there.

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  1. I feel strongly that the killer is either a civil servant, cop, or posing as one. Victims would only go so willingly with a police officer. Do you remember if the store by the pay phone was a police substation?